The world of Netflix's Altered Carbon is a wild and fantastical one, full of the advanced technology of your dreams. Yes, including flying cars, and yes, it's weird that we still don't have them, but that's beside the point.

In Altered Carbon, people are able to "resleeve," meaning place their consciousness inside other bodies. Life doesn't end, unless the stack containing your essence is destroyed. The show centers on Takeshi Kovacs, who is played by Will Yun Lee until "death" and he is resleeved into a body portrayed by Joel Kinnaman. So…would the stars do it? They have complicated thoughts on the matter.

"I would want to be in any of these two bodies," Martha Higareda joked with E! News about her costars Kinnaman and James Purefoy.

Altered Carbon


"For me, yes, I would," Kinnaman said. "If you gave me the opportunity to do that, I think it would be very hard to say no. But do I think that would be good for society as a whole? No, I don't think so. I think the beauty of life is connected to our mortality and if we give up that mortality then we also end up losing our humanity."


Dichen Lachman said if it's only a few people doing it then she's not on board. However, Renée Elise Goldsberry has a more complicated take on the matter, one similar to Kinnaman's thoughts on resleeving.

"There are some things I think it would be helpful not to have the option to do. I think if we had the option to do it, I believe that we all would," the Tony-winning Hamilton star said. "Right now, we do everything we possibly can to keep ourselves alive and our loved ones alive. There's no question that we wouldn't take advantage of anything that would extend our existence because what we know of what we have is awesome. So, not having the option is probably a better idea because I believe there might be something even better beyond where we are right now."

Click play on the video up top to hear what technology they'd want in the real world (aside from re-sleeving). Altered Carbon season one is now streaming on Netflix.

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