Jamie Dornan Wore "Quite a Big" Wee-Bag to Shoot Fifty Shades Freed Sex Scenes

Jimmy Kimmel asks the actor about what it's like to be naked on set

By Zach Johnson Feb 01, 2018 12:40 PMTags

Let's talk about sex, baby!

When Jamie Dornan appeared on ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live! Wednesday to promote Focus Features' Fifty Shades Freed, Jimmy Kimmel asked him about the mechanics of simulating intimate acts onscreen with Dakota Johnson. "This is going to sound bad, but it's almost like brother-sister. Because I am married and she's had quite a lot of relationships in the time that we've known each other, so that's happening in our own lives. You just sort of have this mutual love and respect for each other," Dornan said. "I feel we know each other so well—intimately."

Out of respect for the actors' privacy, Dornan added, producers "try to keep it only whoever really needs to be in there, like me. They try to sort of minimize how many people are in there."

To cover his genitals, Dornan revealed, "I wear a wee-bag."

"What is it called?" Kimmel asked with a laugh.

Jamie Dornan Unsure If There's More Sex in Fifty Shades Freed
Randy Holmes/ABC

"Well, that's an expression from where I'm from—a wee-bag. But it doesn't mean it's actually wee in size," he said. "I wear quite a big bag!" Joking about his modesty pouch—sometimes referred to as a c--k sock—he added, "I wear this huge travel bag and stuff everything in there."

Unfortunately, Dornan said it had already been used. "I'd love to get to the stage where you have your own one that you get to carry around. I think I was right to think this way: On the first movie, there was a selection of them, and I picked one. I thought you'd take them out of the packets and they'd be brand new; they'd have that brand new smell. Then I sort of picked one that I liked the look of and the shape of, and in the seam it said, 'Inmate No. 3.' It was sewn into it. I was like, 'S--t. This has been used before?' When you picture the guy playing Inmate No. 3 in a movie in your head...I don't know. It's not sexy!" Dornan said. "Inmate No. 1, maybe."

Before he would put it on to shoot the sex scenes with Johnson, Dornan said he would "just close my eyes" and rely on the power of mind over matter. "You tie it in a wee bow and...yeah."

Watch the video for more on Dornan's awkward time watching the movie with a security guard.

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