Niche Caldwell and Kaylin Jurrjens Are Taking Their Careers to the Big Apple on WAGS Atlanta: ''I've Worked So Hard For This''

These ladies are putting their money where their mouths are

By Vannessa Jackson Feb 01, 2018 4:00 AMTags
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Things are heating up! 

On this week's two-part WAGS Atlanta, the ladies are all making some pretty big moves, but it may not always be for the best. Kaylin Jurrjens and Niche Caldwell are both headed to the Big Apple for some huge career opportunities. 

Niche has been offered the chance to walk in a major fashion show during New York Fashion Week, which will mark a triumphant return to the runway after taking 10 years off to support her husband and raise her children. "I don't have moments. It's just work, my interior design business, my kids going to school, my husband's career—that was 10 years and I never said I'm tired of this. I never said, ‘Can we do something for me?' I never said that," Niche shared. "Now that he's done with football and he's moved into this chapter, I'm like, maybe now it's time for my new chapter."

It looks like things might be turning around for her. But she won't be the only one in New York, because Kaylin will be interviewing people on the red carpet. 

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"This is my big opportunity to launch the next part of my career," Kaylin shared. "I've worked so hard for this. I'm nervous, but I'm like, this is happening." Although Kaylin's first night was a little rough and involved her forgetting some important names, she hit it out of the park on her second carpet and Jair Jurrjens surprised her to show his support. 

Back in Atlanta, Brandi Rhodes was busy at work too. She's currently trying to make a name for herself beyond just being the wife of Cody Rhodes. All the girls came out to support her big match, but sadly, she lost. But don't count her out just yet! 

"Even though it was a physical loss, it was a mental win for me," Brandi said. "It just showed me that I could step out on my own, blaze my own path as a wrestler by being Brandi Rhodes and my own brand." Go, Brandi! Go! 

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One WAG who's preparing for a big change is Telli Swift. She's still not done having a conversation with Deontay Wilder about marriage and this time, she means business. "I do so much as a woman for this man and I just feel like he doesn't want to get married to me," she said.

Telli is over talking about their relationship issues and she's ready to take some action. "I just feels like it needs to happen. I don't know what to do. So maybe I should move out so he knows I'm serious," Telli shared. Could this be the thing Deontay needs to convince him to propose? 

Watch the video above for this week's full recap! 

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