Six Years Ago, Kristen Bell Gifted Us With Her Cry-Happy Sloth Video

Actress appeared on The Ellen Show in January 2012 and shared a story about her birthday surprise

By Jess Cohen Jan 31, 2018 9:57 PMTags

Happy Kristen Bell sloth story anniversary, everyone!

That's right, it was six years ago that the actress introduced us to her sloth obsession on The Ellen Show. During a January 2012 episode of the talk show, Kristen told Ellen DeGeneres about how her longtime love Dax Shepard surprised her with a sloth for her 31st birthday.

On the day of her birthday party, Dax told Kristen her present had arrived and told her to go into their back room with the dogs so he could surprise her. And while Kristen had "no context" as to what she was about to receive, she suddenly realized that "there is a sloth here."

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And, not knowing how to "process" this, Kristen started to have a panic attack. So when Dax walked into the room holding a video camera, he saw Kristen sobbing.

Since the entire sloth meltdown experience was caught on camera, Kristen decided to share it with Ellen and everyone watching.

Watch the video above to see Kristen talk about her emotional sloth encounter!

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