Maryse Debuts Her Pregnancy to the WWE While Nikki Bella Makes Her Dancing With the Stars Debut on Total Divas

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Maryse and The Miz are taking their good news to the WWE ring.

On tonight's season finale and 100th episode of Total Divas, the couple tells the WWE heads they are expecting. But Maryse worried the pregnancy may put put her career on hold.

"I don't know if they will take me off live events right away. I don't know if they're gonna take me off T.V.," Maryse wondered.

Luckily the WWE was into it and gave Maryse and Mike a brand new storyline.

"I'm the first pregnant woman to be in the WWE ring and announce my pregnancy on television," the WWE star exclaimed.

While Maryse and Mike were busy debuting their pregnancy to the world, Nikki Bella was getting ready to make her debut on Dancing With the Stars.

Before she hit the stage, she got a visit from her Bella family, who stopped by rehearsals to get a sneak peak of her dancing skills.

Nikki Bella's "DWTS" Rehearsal Turns Into a Family Affair

Though Brie Bella and her mother were floored by Nikki's moves, Brie revealed that the real reason she flew out to L.A. early was to do some wedding dress shopping with her sister, but Nikki claimed she just didn't have the time.

"Tell them that I need to focus," Nikki urged Artem Chigvintsev, her DWTS partner.

Brie still wasn't convinced. "Yeah, but you gotta focus on your wedding too," Brie insisted.

So, the Bella twin devised a plan to help her sister out. "My sister is giving no time to wedding planning, so I feel like I really need to help her out in that category," Brie declared.

And help her out she did. After seeing first-hand how hard Nikki was working on DWTS, Brie decided to surprise Nikki with her own private wedding dress fitting.

It may not have been the way Nikki envisioned trying on wedding dresses for the first time, but it sure got her in the mood for the big day.

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"It's made me so excited to marry the man of my dreams and to go on this journey, to plan a wedding and to pick out save the dates and our wedding list and where people are gonna sit and a bachelorette party," Nikki gushed.

While Maryse was prepping for baby and Nikki for her wedding, Lana was working on her wrestling moves.

The WWE star had plans to train with T.J., but Nattie Neidhart was determined to stand in the way.

"She said don't train with him cause he has a rare form of adult chicken pox," Lana told T.J.

A baffled T.J. confronted his wife and she apologized, revealing she was only trying to protect him from get depressed by returning to the ring.

"I'm sorry that I got overprotective…I love you so much," Nattie ensured.

See everything that went down in the season finale in the recap video above!

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