Aaron Paul Says His Baby Girl Is Due "Any Minute Now"

"I'm over the moon excited," the first-time father-to-be says on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

By Zach Johnson Jan 24, 2018 1:20 PMTags

Aaron Paul revealed on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Tuesday that his baby girl is due "any minute now." This will be the first child for Aaron and his wife Lauren Paul and he is "over the moon excited."

"I love babies," the Path actor said. "I always have loved babies."

To prepare for their daughter's arrival, the couple hired a doula, who will assist Lauren during childbirth and also provide support for the parents after their baby is born. "Do you know what a doula is?" the actor asked. "I had no idea what a doula was, but she's teaching us some stuff."

Jimmy Kimmel, who has four children ranging in age from 9 months to 26, joked, "The doula is there to replace you! All the things you're supposed to be doing, she steps in and takes care of."

Aaron explained that the doula's advice has been invaluable so far. "She said, 'First thing you need to know is never say the word relax and don't ever say breathe.' She said that my wife would most likely hit me if I do. So, I'm like, 'OK, that's good to know,'" he told Kimmel. "She's just telling me what not to do. She goes, 'Just prepare yourself. I've helped deliver over 600 babies and 100 percent the mother of the baby who's delivering absolutely hates her partner."

Luckily, Lauren—who married the actor in 2013—seems to be at ease.

"My wife promises she's going to be fine," Aaron said. "I think she will. She's going to be great."

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