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Friends, the answer to your Supernatural-esque Buffy the Vampire Slayer dreams might have just arrived. 

We've only just seen a backdoor pilot to Wayward Sisters, the lady-centered Supernatural spinoff, but so far there's a lot to like. It's essentially an adopted family of Buffys, led by Kim Rhodes as Sheriff Jody Mills, all learning to wield shotguns and kill monsters. 

Tonight's pilot put a lot of focus on Claire Novak (Kathryn Newton), who was called back by Sheriff Mills to help find Sam and Dean, who had gone missing. Claire and Jody, alongside Donna (Briana Buckmaster), Alex (Katherine Ramdeen), Patience (Clark Backo), and Kaia (Yadira Guevara-Prip), managed to save the brothers and form a bond perfect for a whole new show. 

But honestly, whatever happened during the episode and whatever kinks there are to work out kind of don't matter, because after 13 years of the Supernatural world being all about the dudes, we are so ready for these women to tear it up.  

We're at least definitely more ready to watch this show than we were to watch Supernatural's other attempt at a spinoff, Bloodlines, which aired as a backdoor pilot in 2014. 

In case you've forgotten (you definitely did), Bloodlines was about a bunch of mafia-esque monster families running Chicago. It wasn't bad, per se, but it wasn't the best, and it didn't feel like as much of a natural fit as Wayward Sisters does to both Supernatural and to the CW. 

This show makes all the sense, especially in 2018, so here's hoping it actually makes it to series this time. 

What did you think? Head to the comments with your thoughts!

Supernatural airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. on the CW. 

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