Attention Amazing Race contestants: You better keep your eyes on Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson.

After developing a huge fan base—and romantic relationship—on the most recent season of Big Brother, the famous duo is ready to travel the world on CBS's long-running reality show.

And as it turns out, this team is more determined than ever before to finish strong together. 

"I hadn't seen Cody in a month and a half! Getting to work on another project with him was really exciting for me because it meant some quality time. And who wouldn't love to spend time with their significant other with a free trip around the world?" Jessica shared with E! News exclusively ahead of tonight's premiere. "My only other goal during the race was to stay in it as long as possible so we could see as much of the world as we could."

Cody simply added, "I had no other goal besides winning."

Jessica Graf, Cody Nickson, The Amazing Race

John Paul Filo/CBS

While past Big Brother contestants have had mixed results on The Amazing Race—Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd placed seventh while Brendon Villegas and Rachel Reilly made it to the top 3—Jessica and Cody aren't your average Big Brother contestants.

With little to no allies in the Big Brother house, Cody was still voted America's Favorite Houseguest.  And Jessica was able to win key challenges to prolong her stay in the summer series.

"I came into The Amazing Race really guarded because I wasn't sure if we were going to walk into another really volatile cast," Jessica shared. "Luckily we didn't!"

As for Cody and Jessica's ability to work together under pressure, it's safe to say these two will make it work.

"He's exactly the man I thought he was. Honestly, to know Cody is to love him," Jessica shared with us. "Those who judged him so harshly in the house have no idea who he actually is…He can do everything and anything. It really just comes down to whether or not I can keep up."

Cody added, "[The Amazing Race] just confirmed and validated what I already knew about her." Yep, these two are in it to win it!

The Amazing Race premieres Wednesday night at 8 p.m. on CBS.

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