Not even the bell could save Screech in this one...

In a new music video from rock band TENLo, Dustin Diamond plays an drug-taking, shot-swigging, woman-groping Harvey Weinstein who eventually meets an timely demise at the hands of a not-so saintly nun (Kelly Cunningham).

In the video for the aptly named Kill All the Things, Diamond's disgraced movie mogul is pictured doing cocaine in a hotel bathroom and doing shots at the bar. The former Saved by the Bell star is greeted by the sexy nun who is not all she appears, leading him up to a hotel room for an ill-fated romp. Several shots feature Cunningham simulating graphic sexual situations both willingly and seemingly unwillingly. Eventually the video shows Diamond getting repeatedly stabbed by the vengeful nun.

Diamond's character is depicted as victimizing women and is of course, a reference to the former head honcho of The Weinstein Company, who has been accused of three decades worth of sexual assault, rape and harassment. Weinstein has denied any claims of non-consensual sex.

Ironically, Diamond stabbed a man during a Christmas Day altercation in 2014 at a bar in Wisconsin. The former child star was sentenced to four months in jail. After his release, Diamond was found in violation of his parole, testing positive for Oxycodone.

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