Ed Sheeran is a Grammy-winning singer, songwriter and...pizza thief. 

The musician was gearing up to perform on Today Friday morning, but before it was time for him to croon out a few verses, the show was busy firing up a cooking segment with pizza extraordinaire Christopher Bianco. As the chef demonstrated how to make dough at home and prepared one of his signature pies, the 26-year-old star sneakily helped himself to a few slices. Of course, with cameras everywhere, his moves were anything but secret. 

Singers typically try to avoid eating before a performance, especially dairy, but it seems Sheeran is in a class all his own—or maybe just didn't get a chance to eat breakfast. Either way, he grabbed two slices before his "Perfect" set and simultaneously became the butt of Carson Daly's jokes.

"He's stuffed filled with Bianco pizza," the co-host quipped before cutting to commercial. "Hopefully he can still sing." Sheeran didn't look too concerned—he was busy swallowing another slice. 

Ed Sheeran, Today, Pizza


Ed Sheeran, Today, Pizza


"His hit song, "Perfect," was about love, but now it's about pizza," Daly joked before it was time for Sheeran to take the mic. 

"I would actually have another slice if I wasn't singing," the star retorted. "Please save me some."

Not to fret, Ed—the Today team had his back. The performance went off without a hitch and then the hosts met him with a finale pie, from which he quickly swiped another slice. 

While chewing and clearly content, Sheeran added, "I'm sorry. I'm so happy."

And in that moment, the international superstar was just like all of us. 

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