Eminem Announces Release Date for Revival Album

After teasing the name of the album through a phony drug campaign, Marshall Mathers has confirmed the album's release date

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Guess who's back, back again?

After dropping hints about the name of his new album, Eminem confirmed Revival will be released Dec. 15. 

Back in October, music manager Paul Rosenberg posted an Instagram photo featuring an ad for Revival, a phony drug company claiming to treat "Atrox Rithimus." Reddit users quickly learned the fake advertisement was part of a larger campaign to promote Eminem's new album. The campaign even featured a website, commercial and phone number—all littered with clues tying back to Marshall Mathers.

Playing off of the campaign, Eminem posted a video about Revival on Twitter and Instagram along with the album's release date. 

"Today I have great news for all of you suffering from AR," a man said in the video. "You see, Revival isn't a medication at all. Revival is the name of the new album for Eminem and it's coming out December 15. On behalf of everyone who took part in the Revival campaign, thank you. Don't worry, you won't be seeing us again."

The man in the video, who went by Trevor, also said, "If you happen to run into me out on the street, please don't ask me anything about the album. Em, told me he likes to keep people guessing. Just kidding, I don't know sh-t. I've never met Eminem."

Watch the video to see the full announcement.

The last album Eminem released was The Marshall Mathers LP 2 in 2013. The rapper has clearly been busy. In addition to working on Revival, the artist dropped a new song with Beyonce called "Walk on Water" earlier this month.

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