Gayle King Reveals the Best Gift Oprah Winfrey Ever Gave Her

During a guest appearance on Watch What Happens Live the CBS This Morning host told Andy Cohen about her favorite gift from the talk show queen

By Elyse Dupre Nov 29, 2017 12:48 PMTags

Oprah Winfrey is the ultimate gift-giver (remember that time she gave everyone in her audience a car?). So, it should come as no surprise that the talk show queen gives extra special presents to best friend Gayle King.

During Tuesday's episode of Watch What Happens Live, a caller asked the CBS This Morning host about her favorite present from Winfrey.

"After I had my second baby—and they're 11 months apart, where you say to the doctor ‘I thought this diaphragm was supposed to work,'—she gifted a live-in nanny," King told Bravo host Andy Cohen.

 Looking after two babies is no easy task and King admitted she "never could have afforded [the nanny]" on her own.

 After King shared her story, Cohen joked he wasn't sure what kind of gift the anchor was going to list.

"I didn't know where you were going with that," he said "A condom?"

"No!" King said with a laugh. "The point I was making was I didn't plan to have babies that close together. You know what I mean, guys in the audience. But that was a good gift."

King doesn't need a nanny for her children anymore. The CBS host has two adult children: Kirby Bumpus and son Will Bumpus Jr.

Watch the video to see King tell the story to Cohen.

While not everyone can afford to buy their best friend a nanny, people can still give an Oprah-inspired gift by consulting her Favorite Things guide. 

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