If you live forever, you can always have Paris, but would it really be worth anything? That's the moral/biotechnical quandary driving this regrettably formulaic French thriller, which is more notable for its laborious (and, granted, quite striking) black-and-white rotoscope/CGI animation than for its traditional noir trappings, tepid pacing or lackluster voice acting.

Renaissance takes place in a dystopian vision of 21st-century Paris, a city essentially run by a corporation whose monopoly on antiaging treatments gives them carte blanche. (And très chic postmodern headquarters.) When their top researcher is kidnapped, they bring in the de riguer hard-case cop with authority problems (dubbed by new Bond man Daniel Craig) to unravel the tangled web behind her disappearance. Naturally, he stumbles across a broader conspiracy, into the arms of a femme fatale and through some very impressive scenery.

Unfortunately, given Renaissance's narcissistic relationship with its own footage, this all happens very, very slowly, as every pregnant pause in the dialogue gives you just enough time to get bored with the beautifully composed tableaux on the screen.

Renaissance: You can marvel at how it was made, but at the end you'll wonder why.

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