Selena Gomez Criticized for Allegedly Lip Syncing at 2017 American Music Awards

Pop star returned to the stage with her new hit song "Wolves," but not everyone was a fan

By McKenna Aiello Nov 20, 2017 2:50 AMTags

Did Selena Gomez's 2017 American Music Awards performance fall flat? According to some, it unfortunately might have. 

Despite how impressive it was for the the pop star to return to the stage only months after receiving a kidney transplant, viewers at home called out Gomez for allegedly lip syncing through the entirety of "Wolves."

E! News has reached out Selena's rep for possible comment, and she's yet to address her haters publicly. Debuting a platinum blond hairstyle and wearing slinky lingerie, the 25-year-old was joined by DJ Marshmello and a group of dancers for the performance, which was set at the scene of a car crash. 

While some SelGo fans defended the artist, applauding her show of such strength after privately struggling for months, others felt otherwise. 

2017 American Music Awards: Red Carpet Fashion
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"Selena Gomez can't sing to save her life," one Twitter user wrote, and another added, "No hate but Selena Gomez is clearly lip syncing."

"I love Selena Gomez but she made it so obvious that she lip sync through that whole performance hence why she had her head down & hair covering her face for 99% of the performance," a Twitter user shared online. "The girl can't sing live so I don't know why she just can't admit it instead of lip syncing."

Meanwhile, a fan shared, "Can people not trash Selena Gomez about her performance because she was apparently lip synching? I'd like to see you go through what she has in the past year and perform in front of millions."

Yet another supporter questioned the criticism, writing, "Why is lip syncing such a horrible thing? Like I'm genuinely curious. It makes no sense to me."

What's your take on the Selena scandal? Sound off in the comments.

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