The Pumpkin Dudeoir Husband Is Back With a Full Calendar of Sexiness

This is exactly what you need to get buy your single friends for the holidays

By Kendall Fisher Nov 17, 2017 1:14 AMTags

The world was #blessed with a pumpkin-themed dudeoir shoot in October, but what could we possibly do with 12 months of such bliss?

Well, looks like we're about to find out...

Photographer Gayle Thompson (GT Photography) was the woman behind her husband's hilarious, pumpkin-spiced dudeoir shoot last month, and now she's gifted us an entire calendar filled with similar photos to feast our eyes upon throughout the year.

From tiaras and sparkles for the new year to beer showers in April and star-spangled briefs in July, this calendar has it all.

Iconic Pirelli Calendar Photos

Even better, if you're struggling with what to buy your single friends for the holidays, this might just be your answer.

Thompson is selling the calendars on Etsy for $29.99—a steal for the result of every day happiness.

Check out the full calendar by launching the video above!

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