Drake Tells Audience Member He'll ''F--k His Ass Up'' for Touching Female Fans

Drizzy is not having inappropriate touching at his concert...

By Meg Swertlow Nov 16, 2017 12:33 AMTags

Drizzy ain't havin' it!

During a post-concert performance in Sydney, Australia, Drake stopped the show to call out a handsy audience member for groping women. 

Another concert goer posted the video of the whole thing on her Instagram on Wednesday. The eyewitness wrote, "I got this close to Drake threatening to jump into the crowd to start a fight with a guy groping a woman in the audience. Violence against women, 6 God says no. #heropapi #protecterofthepeople #6god #legend #viewsfromthe6 @champagnepapi."

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In the video, the rapper pauses his performance of "Know Yourself" to shut down a man near the front row after he spotted the unknown man touching some females in an inappropriate way.

Drake called the man out, pointed at him and told him to stop it.

"Stop that s--t," he said into his microphone. "If you don't stop touching girls, I'm going to come out there and f--k you up."

The Canadian "nice guy" then again repeated the sentiment: "If you don't stop putting your hands on girls, I'm going to come out there and f--k your a-- up."

That's one tough to ignore ultimatum! 

Many online have come out to commend the rapper's bold words and to thank him for having his female fans' backs.

If Drake's knight-in-shining-sweat-suit move, doesn't make you fall for him, maybe the fact that the music man, who also says he's a huge fan of Harry Potter, recently admitted he's buying Birkin bags for his the future Mrs. Drake.

In his recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the self-proclaimed "one-woman kind of guy" spilled that the (good) news that "for years" he's been collecting iconic Hermès Birkin bags for his future wife.

"It was one of those things that I, you know, just started collecting as well for, I guess, the woman that I end up with one day," he said. "So, I have a fairly vast collection of Hermès to offer somebody at some point in life." 

All the points for Drake! 

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