Victoria Beckham's $2 Fashion Advice Is Worth Every Penny

This fashion mogul dishes out style tips in Central Park

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While she may have been Posh Spice in the '90s, Victoria Beckham is actually super relatable. 

As a guest on Vanity Fair's Derek Does Stuff With a Friend, the designer volunteered to give fashion advice for a whopping $2 to Central Park pedestrians. While Derek Blasberg walked around with a heavy, wooden stand that read "Fashion Advice from Victoria Beckham, $2," held up by a strap around his neck, Victoria conversed with customers through an iPad video conference. The result: an entertaining segment filled with style tips that everyone can relate to.

Victoria Beckham x Estée Lauder Must-Haves

Check out our favorite tips below!

You Can Wear White After Labor Day: When a man wearing white denim with a gray jean jacket and brown ankle boots asked the designer if it was OK that he was wearing white, she responded, "I think rules are made to be broken. The sun is still shining. You may as well wear it whilst you can."

You Can Make Your Own Maternity Jeans: Apparently when Victoria was pregnant, she was able to continue wearing the same jeans. How? "I took my jeans and I cut little Vs, and I put elastic in the sides," she suggested to a woman six months pregnant. She can design...and sew!

Victoria Beckham's Best Looks

How to Wear Culottes: "If you're wearing a culotte during the summer, it's best to wear it with an easy, flat shoe," she recommended. "If you're doing a culotte in the winter, I think it looks cute if you have a long boot underneath the culotte."

The Man Bun Is Victoria-Approved: David Beckham has been a long-time fan of the man bun, and now we know that his wife digs it, too. "I like the man bun," she told a man who asked if he should wear it down instead.

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