Dax Shepard Reveals the Downside of Being Married to Kristen Bell

Jimmy Kimmel gets to the bottom of the couple's marital problems

By Zach Johnson Nov 09, 2017 2:20 PMTags

Kristen Bell has no filter, and it's one of the many reasons Dax Shepard loves her. But, as the El Camino Christmas actor confessed on ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live! Wednesday, it's also becoming a slight problem in their marriage. Shepard himself is known to over-share in interviews, so he's less worried about what she says than he is about how other people are interpreting her words.

"She's very active and she does a ton of interviews," he said of Bell, who has been promoting A Bad Moms Christmas. "Eventually, you just run out of stuff to talk about—as you're seeing now. I was at a restaurant last night—this is the truth, the honest truth—and this stranger comes up to me and he says, 'Hey, I just read your kids walked in on you having sex.' I was like, 'What are you talking about?' He goes, 'Yeah, I saw a headline. Your wife said your kids walked in on you having sex.' I don't even know that she told that story. I don't know what version she told of it."

(Last week, when Bell appeared on The Talk, she said her kids had recently walked in on her having sex with Shepard. After people gasped, she said, "That's how they were made! It's OK!")

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Bell's story wasn't inaccurate, but hearing about it secondhand did leave Shepard with a few questions. "I said to the guy, 'What was the story?' He said, 'I just read the headline.' I go, 'OK, they didn't walk in while I was, like, pounding mom,'" he said. "We put on the TV in the living room—we're bad parents—and then we stole away for a minute. Afternoon delight. We were just under the sheets and they walked in. It was more just explaining why we were taking a nap in the afternoon while they were on the loose. It wasn't 'full court-us interuptus,' but it was..." After a big laugh, Shepard said, "Suffice to say, I couldn't have gotten out of bed at that point."

"This stuff happens all the time," Shepard said. "Again, she talks!"

He wasn't exaggerating, either. For example, at A Bad Moms Christmas premiere, Bell jokingly told E! News' Zuri Hall that Shepard was making her feel "horny," thanks to his holiday sweater.

All jokes aside, the Good Place actress said simply being "funny" with each other keeps their marriage spicy. "He keeps me laughing all the time. I try to make him laugh and every now and again I get there," she said. "But really just being aware of the other person's needs is also hot."

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