The Bellas Are Going Out With a Bang in Pitch Perfect 3

They're back, Pitches.

By Seija Rankin Nov 16, 2017 2:00 PMTags
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In this day and age, the word sequel can have a bit of a dirty connotation. At the very least, the concept is a bit tired and overused. Sequels can be dreaded, and don't even get us started on third installment. 

But sometimes there are movies so good, so hilarious, so unexpectedly awesome that a sequel (or a full franchise) is not only warranted but wholly embraced. When the original Pitch Perfect hit theaters it seemed like it might be an unimpressive run-of-the-mill slapstick flick, or an overly-cheesy musical. As is written in the history books, it was none of those. The flick turned out to be shockingly hilarious and the Bellas' version of top-40 were catch af. (See: "Cups" by Anna Kendrick). 

So a sequel was quickly in the works, and with the whopping box office success of Pitch Perfect 2 it became a three-parter. Now after a long-awaited intermission, the Bellas are back in our lives as of December 21. 

By Pitch Perfect 3 the gang has graduated from Barden University and is majorly struggling out in the post-college real world. Chloe is trying to get into vet school but is currently working a gig that requires her to have her hand up the business end of a cow. Fat Amy is kind of impersonating Amy Winehouse. Beca "quit" her job and is living in a closet-sized studio. 

Since their lives are a collective garbage fire, they decide to revert back to their old selves, gather up the Bellas and compete in a USO competition. This time they have to go up against real bands that write and perform their own songs, including a group led by none other than Ruby Rose. 


It's a lot of what we've come to know and love. The same physical comedy, the same spot-on one-liners and social commentary, like John Smith's commentary that "The Barden Bellas are an unlikely group of not-men who somehow managed to win at something that didn't have to do with baking," or the smoothie order that comes with "a shot of white privilege." 

And of course, the same freaking catchy songs that will get stuck in your head immediately. It seems that the Treblemakers won't be in this one (which means no Adam Devine), but the taste of the soundtrack that fans have been given so far is all very promising. 

Pitch Perfect is bigger this time—with the old and new Bellas coming together (Hailee Steinfeld and all), and swanky new European locales—as can be expected with a sequel, and there's even a brewing conflict between Beca, who has the chance to get a record label if she's willing to strike out on her own, and the rest of the Bellas. 

Hopefully it's better, too. Everything that we know looks very promising, but it's of course all up to the final product. 

Let's aca-do this. 

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