You're Doing It Wrong: Brushing Your Eyebrows

Check out the drugstore tool Yara Shahidi uses for her eyebrows

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Is your eyebrow brush enough to keep your brows in check?

If not, Yara Shahidi has an solution for you. When she isn't on set, the Blackish star prefers a natural look that includes nude lipstick and perfect brows. Yet, while you may associate barely-there looks with simple routines, her makeup comes courtesy of a must-have product and an unconventional beauty practice.

"[Glossier Boy Brow is] a classic. Especially when it's just me chillin', I like to keep it light and just do my brows, put my toothbrush in my pocket and go," the 17-year-old actress shared with Harper's Bazaar. "I've already brushed my teeth. It's a toothbrush for my eyebrows, just to clarify."

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We've seen toothbrushes used in a number of unconventional ways—like to clean sneakers or lay down baby hair—but using a toothbrush as an eyebrow product is relatively new.

It makes sense: Fibers of a soft toothbrush are similar to a spoolie brush. However, the flat surface of a toothbrush, paired with brow gel, forces the hair to lay against the skin in a way that many of the spiral-shaped brow brushes cannot. On the other hand, the shape of the spoolie brush is useful to distribute pigment evenly. 

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What do you think? Will you substitute your spoolie for a toothbrush? Tell us below!

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