ESC: Gigi Hadid, Must do Monday

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Gigi Hadid wants you to rethink the way you contour.

Typically, when you're looking to increase the definition of your bone structure, you proceed with the makeup routine we've been taught time and time again: moisturizer, primer, concealer, foundation, then contour. From there, you have the option of applying a cream or powder-based contouring product (or both, using the powder to set) to receive chiseled cheeks. For some, contouring palettes are a must. For others, bronzers are enough. Either way, adding a deeper tone to the hallows of the cheeks, jawbone and temples is a key component to today's most impactful looks.

With the launch of her collaboration with Maybelline, Gigi is shaking things up. Instead of applying contour last, the model uses a tinted primer to contour prior to applying foundation.

ESC: Must-Do Monday, Gigi Hadid

Maybelline Gigi Hadid West Coast Glow Tinted Primer, $11.99

The creamy formula provides a "natural contour." So while it won't give you a Kim Kardashian-level chisel, it does promise a more bronzed look and silky layer for added product. After application, you can skip the bronzer and contour, if you choose, and reduce the steps and time in your makeup routine—pretty genius.

In order for the product to be effective, it must be darker than your complexion. With two different shades, both of which are modeled by the fair-toned supermodel, it's hard to gauge how universal the product is. If the hue does match your complexion, it can still be used as a primer. If it's lighter, perhaps it would have the reverse effect as a highlighter. But, it would then lose its brilliance as a contouring primer.

Luckily, it's $12, so you won't have to gamble much.

Will you give it a try?

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