Watch Selena Gomez Freak Out Over This "Major" Makeup Palette

Pat McGrath products will do that to you

By Diana Nguyen Nov 04, 2017 1:05 PMTags

Even Selena Gomez fan-girls over something—beauty products included.

The difference is…she has a direct line to the makeup movers and shakers. In a video clip first released on E! News social, the "Fetish" singer is captured opening iconic makeup artist Pat McGrath's latest product launches. Get ready, beauty obsessives—you'll relate to her reaction.

"Oh my gosh! This is beautiful," Selena says while holding the Pat McGrath Labs Mothership II: Sublime Palette ($125), before squealing with excitement and running in place.

Selena Gomez's Best Looks

"Look at these colors! Oh my god. Dude, it's so fire," she adds.

Not only does the actress get a set of shiny new palettes and products—which will most likely sell out—but she gets taken through the line by the creator (talk about VIP perks). The veteran beauty pro explains to her all the different pigments and even test-drives a shadow on Selena's friend. That, of course, is before Selena picks up a brush and starts playing with the product herself.

"Not only is Selena Gomez an exceptional actress and sensational singer...she's a major makeup addict just like me!" says Pat to E! News. "I always look forward to working with her. Not only is she one of the kindest people in the world, she's so much fun. Selena defines a true beauty inside and out."

This isn't the first time the makeup artist and musical artist have worked together. The beauty pro did the singer's makeup for the Coach spring/summer 2017 campaign, in which Selena wore the perfect nude shade—which, of course, was also Pat McGrath Labs.

Kim Kardashian, Cassie and Taylor Swift are also among Pat's muses (remember Kim's epic smoky eyes from the makeup artist's last release?). The product designer is also responsible for countless beauty looks from iconic editorials and runway shows. So, it's no surprise Pat McGrath Labs products are often seen on her celeb fans, from Taylor Swift's glittering red lips in her "I Don't Want to Live Forever" video to Katy Perry's 2017 Met Gala statement eyes. Consider Selena a full-fledged member of this crew. 

Given all the celebrity makeup lines trending right now, do we smell a future collab coming on? Yes, Selena, that would be "major."

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