What We've Learned About Taylor Swift's Behind-the-Scenes Process

We're bringing you all the details on the making and promotion of Reputation

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We're eight days away from the release of Taylor Swift's sixth studio album!

The 27-year-old singer will drop Reputation on Nov. 10 and Swifties can't wait. This will be Swift's latest album in three years and she's approaching this album cycle in a completely different way than in the past.

Typically, we would see Swift on talk shows and doing interviews in the months leading up to her album release. However, T.Swift is changing her approach this year, choosing to spend her time meeting her fans at secret sessions, promoting her album on social media and remaining mostly out of the public eye.

Taylor Swift Is About to Drop a New Song: "Call It What You Want"

But even though we may not be seeing Swift out and about, she is still giving us exclusive behind-the-scenes videos and sharing a part of her album process that we haven't seen before.

Over the past few months, the singer has delivered numerous YouTube videos taking us on the set of her "Look What You Made Me Do" music video and showing how the video was created. While she's taken fans behind-the-scenes of her music videos before, this era seems more personal than ever with the amount of BTS insight she's given.

Swift first shared how she transformed into a zombie for the video and the team of people who made it possible. Then she gave us a look into how different scenes from the video came together and her reaction to meeting her "former selves."

These BTS videos show just how much Swift is involved in the process, she's working with director Joseph Kahn every step of the way, explaining what she wants to have happen and then making it happen.

Swift wants to tell a story about her life through her music videos and giving everyone a glimpse into her process has shown how involved she is in every detail from wardrobe to the action sequences.

For this album cycle, Swift is meeting more and man fans through her secret album listening sessions. The singer is putting her trust in fans at secret sessions to keep specific details a secret, but allowing them to share their thoughts on the album and each song.

Her Tumblr Swifties who have attended the secret sessions have been giving stellar reviews of the album and are only sharing information that Swift is OK with the world knowing. Like that her song "Gorgeous" is about her current boyfriend, Joe Alwyn.

Taylor Swift Gives Fans an Inside Look at How She Wrote "Gorgeous"

In response to fan posts on Tumblr, Swift will sometimes validate the accuracy of the information by liking them on the social media platform.

On Wednesday, AT&T posted a video of Swift's songwriting process for her song "Gorgeous." The video gave everyone a glimpse into how the singer creates her songs, starting from day one. 

So for anyone who might've been doubting that Swift is involved in the writing and creating process of her music, this video is solid proof that she is.

Starting at the beginning of the process, Swift can be seen working on the lyrics and playing her guitar. Weeks later she continues to work on the song, this time on the piano. Then she gets in the studio with her co-producers to work out the sound of the song.

So while in some respects Swift has been out of the public eye, she remains in the spotlight on her terms. Swift is changing the narrative on her reputation and that's the major lesson she's teaching us this album cycle.

Swift's latest song "Call It What You Want" drops at midnight tonight.

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