The Real Housewives of Dallas Season 2 Reunion Trailer Is Here, Complete With a Major Walk Off

Exclusive! LeeAnne Locken gives us the inside scoop on this season's two-part reunion, premiering Monday, Nov. 6.

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Ah, the beloved Real Housewives reunion special.

For a few high-octane hours, our favorite women are locked in a room to rehash a season's worth of fighting and friendship with only poor host Andy Cohen to play referee. Usually there are tears, shouts and at least one Housewife so incensed by what she's hearing that she's got to get up off the pretty plush couch and get the heck out of there.

And the trailer for The Real Housewives of Dallas' season two reunion, exclusive to E! News, proves to be no exception.

The Official Ranking of The Real Housewives

On the one side, you have LeeAnne Locken, D'Andra Simmons and Kameron Westcott. On the other, LeeAnne's biggest frenemies Brandi Redmond, Stephanie Hollman and Cary Deuber. And after the explosive season finale, which saw Brandi unload on LeeAnne after a season that saw the two in a surprising friendship, you can bet there are fireworks galore. 

"The reunion, I was really happy with how it went. I don't know if everybody was," LeeAnne told E! News just a few days after recovering from the taping. "I think everybody thought I was going to go in to the reunion all gangbusters, but I don't know that that's what I was for the reunion. I certainly don't let lies pass by, and I won't tolerate twisting words. But I think I was really at a peaceful place in the reunion, which was nice for me."

This Drunken Real Housewives of Dallas Moment Is Instantly Iconic

Of course, it was only peaceful up to a point. That major walk off we teased? It was courtesy of none other than LeeAnne herself. 

"I think this reunion was easier for me until we had a little issue. I was told it was a closed set and that D'Andra's and my men couldn't come to set and mid-Mark, Mark walked out," she said, referring to the surprise appearance of Cary's husband Mark, who appeared as the women were discussing him (and LeeAnne's shocking allegations about his sexuality, no doubt). "And I might have walked off."

As for whose performance during the reunion she thinks will surprise fans most, LeeAnne points to one of the newbies sitting on her side of the couches. "Kam! Kam did an amazing job," she admitted. "She is like a little dog with a bone. Don't try to take that bone away from her. I mean, it is pink and sparkly and she owns it. It is her's."

In part one of the reunion, D'Andra dances a fine line between loyalty and accountability, while Stephanie gives her two cents on Two-Face (LeeAnne's costume version of her) and Kameron's bitter taste for raunchy humor resurfaces. Meanwhile, Cary and Brandi lock horns over plastic surgery allegations, proving that even if you're seated on the same couch, you can still go at it.

In part two, airing the following week, Cary and Mark address the rumors about their marriage, while D'Andra and Kameron reveal their biggest regrets about their first season. Meanwhile, Stephanie addresses her concerns regarding a future with Brandi, and LeeAnne makes a big revelation about who will be receiving an invite to her wedding—and who won't.

To get your first look at the two-part reunion, be sure to check out the video above!

The Real Housewives of Dallas' season two reunion special premieres Monday, Nov. 6 at 10 p.m. on Bravo.

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