You may not be ready for this flashback. 

This week, Grey's Anatomy's webseries Post-Op is splitting into two parts and taking a trip behind the scenes to see how the costumes and sets come together. In our exclusive preview, you get to hear a few secrets about scrub colors and take a closer look at two iconic costumes from one of the most iconic—and devastating—episodes in the history of the series. 

We'll set the scene: The Chief's niece is in the hospital suffering from cancer. She had to miss her prom, so the interns are putting on a prom inside the hospital. Meredith's dating the vet, but still in love with Derek, who's trying to make it work with Addison. And Izzy's trying on multiple dresses before going to show them off to her fiance, just as he's dying in his bed... 

Yep, it's season two's finale, "Losing My Religion," AKA the prom episode, AKA the episode where Denny dies. 

You may remember that Izzy didn't get out of that prom dress (or off of the bathroom floor) for days after Denny's death, and according to costume team Mimi Melgaard and Thomas Houchins, Shonda Rhimes was incredibly specific about that prom dress. She wanted something big and bold that would envelop Denny's dead body when Izzy laid down next to him on the hospital bed. 

And for Meredith, her dress started out simple, but got snazzy toward the bottom—just like Meredith's evening, which ended with her underwear pinned to the bulletin board. 

The second part of this week's episode features Kevin McKidd, who stars as Owen Hunt, and Kelly McCreary, who plays Maggie Pierce, looking back on their time on the show and teasing what's to come. 

Grey's Anatomy


There is also currently a sweepstakes open for only the biggest Grey's fans at, in which you can win a chance for a trip to Seattle, an autographed copy of the 300th episode script, or a signed scrub shirt. The sweepstakes ends November 10. 

The full episodes of Post-Op can be found on and the ABC app at 10 a.m. PT, and Grey's Anatomy airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. on ABC. 

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