She sure knows how to rock a lot of tulle!

Demi Lovato was giving her longtime fans serious Princess Protection Program vibes when she was got all gussied up to be a "prize model" for the "What's in the Box?" segment on Monday's episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Host Ellen DeGeneres told audience members that she had stumbled upon the former Disney Channel star clad in a blue ballgown, tiara and white gloves while wandering around the lot and recruited her to be on her show.

First, the 25-year-old singer, who starred as a literal spoiled princess in the Disney Channel movie with on-and-off pal Selena Gomez back in 2009, had a quick rundown of the responsibilities of a prize model and quickly set off to reveal the prizes with a flourish.


This king-sized task was not without difficulty, as the pop star had to scurry back and forth from box to box to present the prizes to the audience.

The "Sorry Not Sorry" singer held her voluminous ballgown to get to the boxes in a timely manner. Of course, Ellen couldn't help but poke fun at the sassy star's ability (or lack thereof) in the game, joking, "It's a good thing you can sing."

Admittedly the former Disney darling had her work cut out for her, with Ellen intentionally making the star race back and forth.

The host laughed, saying, "You never see prize models run to the next one." Luckily, Demi couldn't help but laugh about it all.

Demi's a good sport, but maybe this pop star should stick to her day job.

Her visit to The Ellen DeGeneres Show comes just in time to promote her upcoming tour with DJ Khaledand to discuss her emotional Youtube documentary, Simply Complicated

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