Christmas came a little early for one special mom this year.

During Friday's episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, A Bad Moms Christmas stars Kristen Bell, Mila Kunis and Kathryn Hahn took parenting questions from the audience. One audience member, Ayesha Dixon, stood up and told Ellen DeGeneres she attended the host's Mother's Day special—an episode in which DeGeneres gives moms a ton of free swag—two years ago. "You literally changed my life," the single mom from Los Angeles said.

Touched by her comment, DeGeneres invited Dixon to join her and the actresses on stage. Dixon, who works in nonprofit assisting seniors, shared a little more of her story.

"I'm a single mom, and it's been difficult. As much as I like to give back, I don't have much to give, but I try to volunteer. I always know that there's someone who's worse off than I am….For me and my daughter, you know, as long as our bellies are full and I have a roof over my head, it's been just amazing."

DeGeneres told her guest her mom must be proud of her and then, in true Ellen fashion, brought Dixon's mom out on stage.

But the family reunion wasn't the only surprise DeGeneres and her crew had up their sleeves. DeGeneres knew life for Dixon hadn't been easy. The host told the audience Dixon had worked hard to pay for her college education on top of paying for rent, daycare and other bills. And even though the single mom was "drowning in student loan debt" and had only $28 in her bank account at one point, DeGeneres added, she still made time to help the homeless and her community. 

After hearing her story, Kunis wanted to give Dixon a gift. 

"Our movie is all about celebrating moms and celebrating how hard it is to be a mom. So, we just wanted to help you out a little bit because you're an awesome mom and you're an awesome mom," she said to Dixon and her mother. "So, for you guys, don't peek. It's no big deal."

She then reached behind her couch and pulled out a Christmas stocking filled with $25,000.

Surprised, Dixon gave Kunis a hug and thanked her for her generosity. Still, Bell didn't think the gesture was enough. The Frozen star explained how their movie takes place at Christmas time and how Christmas is often an expensive holiday because parents buy their children gifts. So to help with those holiday presents this year, Bell gave Dixon another stocking filled with $25,000. Dixon began to wipe away tears.

"I'm sorry you guys. I do not mean to be a downer, but I'm feeling a little bit left out at the moment" Hahn chimed in. The actress then proceeded to give Dixon a third $25,000 stocking.

"Oh my God. You guys are good moms," Dixon said.

And while an extra $75,000 would make any mom happy, DeGeneres decided to add to the fund.

"Wait, this is my show and how dare you?" the host jokingly said to the actresses. "So, I also want to give you $25,000."

Wow! $100,000! Talk about spreading Christmas cheer.

Watch the video to see the sweet moment.

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