Halle Berry knows how to throw down.

The Oscar-winning actress obliterated James Corden in the premiere episode of Drop the Mic—a show in which celebrities face off in a comedic rap battle.

Corden started off the battle by throwing a few light lyrical punches, taking aim at her 2004 flop Catwoman and her 2001 film Swordfish. Berry, however, showed no mercy.

"I'm glad Swordfish was to your satisfaction. It's probably the only time your d-ck has seen some action," she rapped. "Yes, everybody knows Catwoman tanked, but I took Kingsman to the mother f-ckin' bank."

Seeing she came to win, The Late Late Show host, upped his game. Throughout the show, he threw shade at Berry's 2008 Sexiest Woman Alive win and her three divorces. Here are a few of his best lines: 

"Halle is a classic. This whole thing's tragic. You're just Viola Davis but not as charismatic." 

"2008 you were Sexiest Woman Alive. Was that a moment when Beyoncé briefly died?"

"When it comes to getting married, three divorces is enough. Forget signing autographs. Sign a prenup. You've done so many X-Men movies, maybe a dozen. I heard X-Men and I thought it was about your husbands."

Still, Berry came in for the knockout and dropped these memorable lines about Corden's award-winning status and his controversial kiss with Sean Spicer:

"James has a Tony, that's cool and all. But I have an Oscar, so suck my Monster Balls."

"Fat jokes are too easy, I try to be nicer. But who held your pizza when you kissed Sean Spicer? You apologized, so I know you learned your lesson. Too bad you couldn't give a hand job to Jeff Sessions."

"Now, why are you so angry and pushy? Of course you hated Catwoman—you never get p--sy."

In the end, Berry was named the winner.

Watch the video to see the whole thing go down.

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