Kylie Jenner, Freddy Krueger Shadow


Kylie Jenner's fans and followers had a bit of a freak out earlier this week.

The lip kit mogul was sharing a Snapchat video of her "purse closet" when a suspicious figure crept in behind her. Fans immediately started noting the figure looked eerily similar to Freddy Krueger as they could see what looked to be a wide-brimmed hat similar to what the villain wears in Nightmare on Elm Street. Not to mention, the apparition comes and goes immediately—almost like a ghost—and it is Halloween time...

"Was I the only one spooked by Freddy Krueger in the back of @KylieJenner snap?" one fan wrote, while another got a little more animated, asking, "IS THAT FREDDIE KRUGER IN YO HOUSE???!?!?"

Well, it looks like all the horror movies we've been watching in preparation for Halloween have gone to our heads...Kylie took to Twitter to debunk the rumors.

"You guys it's @harryhudson," she tweeted with a crying-face emoji.

We've got to admit: There was something eerily intriguing about the idea of a horror movie character sneaking up on Kylie in her purse closet, but we're certainly glad it was just her bestie.

Sorry, Harry!

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