Steven Seagal

AP Photo/Alexander Zemlianichenk

A recording has surfaced of Steven Seagal calling female reporters a number of disturbing names.

The recording, obtained by Daily Mail TV, is of an interview with Seagal in which he talks about doing press for his movie Above the Law in 1988.

"Well, I found that interestingly enough, the few times that I had a hard time, it was usually with women," the actor can be heard saying in the recording. "When somebody is on tour, a promotional tour, he's there to talk about his film, not about who he's f--ked or who he would like to f--k or who his wife was with ten years ago."

Seagal continued, "They should go into pornography or something else instead of journalism if they want to hear that s--t. They're a bunch of a--holes."

The person interviewing Seagal then asked him, "You think it's because of the subject matter? Most women don't like action pictures."

Seagal responded by telling the interviewer, "I won't even dare tell you what I think it is. One time, I'm sure that's what it was and another time it was just some dumb c--t that is a liar and wanted to be sensational."

The Daily Mail reports that the actor went on to call female reporters a "bunch of f--king dirty whores" and then explained that in response he doesn't do interviews. "The way you combat is by let's not ever do an interview again to show these c--ksuckers," he said on the recording.

This recording has surfaced shortly after a new allegation of misconduct involving Seagal was shared by Inside Edition's Lisa Guerrero. The correspondent recently told Newsweek about an alleged incident in 1996 where she went to an audition for Seagal's movie, Fire Down Below, at his house. The casting agency sent a female associate to go with Guerrero because she didn't want to go alone and he allegedly answered the door in a silk robe. After reading the scenes, Guerrero drove home "feeling pretty good" about the audition. 

Later that day, her manager called saying that Seagal wanted to offer her the lead but she'd "have to go back to his home for a private rehearsal tonight." Guerrero declined, she didn't get the lead but was given a smaller part in the movie.

E! News has reached out to Seagal for comment.

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