They're enemies on screen, but in real life, The Walking Dead stars Andrew Lincoln and Jeffrey Dean Morgan couldn't love each other more.

However, as the duo revealed to E! News at the show's big season eight premiere/100th episode celebration, all the love in the world couldn't stop Lincoln from getting a little too into character during a fight scene between Rick and his nemesis, Morgan's Negan. "We really do beat each other up," Morgan admitted about the all-too-real scraps between the characters. "He punched me. He broke my nose."

"But then he kneed me in the Willy Wonka," Lincoln said with a laugh.

The Walking Dead Season 7, Andrew Lincoln, Jeffrey Dean Morgan


"I barely kneed him in his junk and it's like that was payback," Morgan responded. "No! He dropped me."

"I did drop him," Lincoln conceded. "Breaking news!"

So how does one make it up to his friend after he gets a little too carried away and accidentally breaks his nose? Not with flowers. "No, he got me a massage," Morgan revealed.

"I did," Lincoln said. "And a facial!"

As the season eight premiere made abundantly clear, Rick and his coalition are bringing the fight to Negan this season, leaving his Sanctuary ground zero for a massive horde of walkers. Though the fight is far from over, our hero left his enemy in quite the pickle. However this all out war ends on screen, it's clear that the love off-screen will likely be left in tact. 


"If you had to choose to work with an actor who is unbelievably awesome, it's Andy Lincoln," Morgan gushed about his co-star. "We get so excited about the opportunity whenever we get to work together, we're texting each other in excitement. And then we go to work and it's hard..."

"It's hard as s--t, but it's great fun, man," Lincoln jumped in. "And to work with someone as experienced and as brilliant as this guy—I've said it before, but he just adds to this show in such a unique and beautiful way and it's a thrill. It's like tennis—you play with someone better than you, you raise your game."

To see the Rick-Negan lovefest, be sure to check out the video above!

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on AMC.

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