Las Vegas is "slowly, but surely getting back on its feet," according to Boyz II Men.

The band has a residency at The Mirage in Las Vegas and during an exclusive new interview with E! News, Nathan MorrisWanya Morris and Shawn Stockman share what it's been like performing in the city after the Oct. 1 tragedy and how the city is doing today.

The group, who wasn't in town the weekend of the mass shooting, returned to the stage after the tragedy and donated part of the proceeds of their performance to show their love for the city.

"As people, our hearts go out and we hope that everyone's hearts go out," Nathan tells E! News. "Being in the business it's kind of tough because you know that things have to move on, it's just a matter of what pace."

Morris continues, "So we didn't really know how to really look at it. We didn't want it to feel like the city didn't really care and jumped into business right away or kind of didn't show the sympathy that they should."

The group then explains that with their performances they hope to help people "take their mind" off of the tragic events for a period of time and offer them a place to enjoy themselves for a couple of hours.

Watch the videos above to see the band talk about the Las Vegas tragedy and their music.

Boyz II Men's new album Under the Streetlight is available on Oct. 20.

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