This Heroic Dog Refused to Evacuate From California's Wildfires to Save 8 Goats

YouCaring website is launched to help a four-legged friend heal from his brave actions

By Mike Vulpo Oct 17, 2017 12:19 AMTags

Firefighters aren't the only ones being called heroes as wildfires continue to burn out of control in Northern California.

One four-legged friend named Odin has captured the heart of many Americans after his owner shared his brave actions during the fire storm.

In a post on, owner Roland Hendel detailed the moment his family had to evacuate.

"We had minutes to load up the animals and run from the advancing firestorm. Despite the sounds of exploding propane tanks, twisting metal, and the hot swirling winds, Odin refused to leave our family of 8 bottle-fed rescue goats," he wrote. "Hours later when we had found relative safety we cried for Odin and our goats. I was sure I had sentenced them to a horrific and agonizing death."

While the family lost part of their property, Odin and the eight goats proved to defy the odds when they were found alive.

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"Odin was weak, and limping, his once thick and beautiful coat singed orange, his whiskers melted. Even now as I write this, I am crying tears of gratitude and awe at his bravery and devotion," the family wrote. "Since then, Odin has been reunited with his sister Tessa. He appears to be getting stronger, and his sister's presence will surely help to lift his spirits and take some of the burden off his giant shoulders."

As of press time, close to 1,500 people had donated close to $55,000 for Odin and his family's recovery. Proceeds are now being sent to the Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue Center.

"I am overwhelmed by the support that we have received from all of you," Roland wrote on Facebook while featuring video updates of the animals. "So much kindness and compassion. The human spirit is truly a remarkable and wondrous thing."

Ultimately, current and past residents of Northern California are pitching in and doing all that they can to help victims of the devastating wildfires that have scorched more than 200,000 acres, destroyed or damaged more than 5,500 homes and displaced 100,000 people.

Lifelong Santa Rosa resident Guy Fieri recently teamed up with the Salvation Army to help cook and prepare approximately 5,000 meals a day for evacuees and volunteers.

"Over the past week, I've seen a level of destruction in my hometown that I never thought imaginable," the Food Network star shared online. "But even bigger than the fires has been the outpouring of support and compassion for our community, here in Sonoma County and beyond. " 

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