Cate Blanchett vs. Harry Styles!

The two A-list stars have been spotted wearing similar styles lately, so who's rocking the clothes the best? Blanchett is addressing her fashion doppelganger in a new interview with Ellen DeGeneres.

While making an appearance on The Ellen Show Monday, host DeGeneres shows the actress pictures of her and Styles' look-alike outfits. DeGeneres asks Blanchett in the video above, "You always have such great style...and speaking of style, Harry Styles...someone is showing pictures, have you seen these yet? That Harry Styles is copying your outfits? Have you seen this?"

Cate Blanchett, Harry Styles

Bertrand Rindoff Petroff/Getty Images; Terence Patrick/CBS

Blanchett looks a little confused with what's going on so DeGeneres shows her what she means. Pictures then appear on the screen of both the actress and the singer in similar outfits.

"Who wore it better?" Blanchett asks the audience. "Right? Who's sitting here now? Because I mean if Harry comes in next week you can change your minds, but for now."

DeGeneres assures Blanchett, "Right now you wore it better."

After seeing the pictures, Blanchett says that this is "so random" and she's never met Styles.

"Is he here? He would look great in this," Blanchett says, referring to her nude and red pantsuit.

"He would look great nude," DeGeneres jokes.

Watch the video above to see all the pics of Blanchett and Styles' look-alike outfits!

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