Janet Jackson, State of the World Tour

Farrenton Grigsby

Today marks the 20th anniversary of Janet Jackson's icon album Velvet Rope...

So what's the state of Janet Jackson's latest tour, the State of the World Tour? E! News' exclusive interview with Gil Duldulao, creative director for Miss Jackson, will give you all the deets on the headline-making tour, how the singer's enjoying her new role as a mom and what it's like to work with the superstar for decades! 

On the State of the World tour, which kicked off on Sept. 9, Gil explained that there was a very pointed reason that Janet named her latest tour State of the World, which is a reference to her hit 1989 song of the same name, is because of the massive issues that are going on in the world today.

Gil said, "I think that was the main point is for the group and mass of people to come together and try to be positive in such a world we live in now."

Gil Duldulao, Janet Jackson

Solaiman Fazel

Gil also said that the vision he created for the tour was to celebrate Janet's life and give people a peek into her private world.

He said, "I could have easily been like ‘Hey, listen, I want to do this type of tour, which is let's go so creative or let's go so over the top,' which tours are doing or is a big thing, which is creating the visuals, LED screens, lighting. I was involved all of that content and visuals but I wanted the audience to remember who she is and to celebrate her. She's such a legend. And I think I did well."

As for how the icon is handling being a new mom to son Eissa and going on tour, Gil elaborates on how she makes it all work.

He said, "I think what balances her out is the fact that she's happy and she's happy to be here...She loves being on stage. I think that's what balances her out. I think motherhood balances her out. I think a close support of friends."

Gil also talked about celebrating the 20th anniversary of Velvet Rope.

"It's an anniversary for all of us. I think that close people in her circle started at the same time—whether it's Joey, her security, or Terri Harris. We all started on the Velvet Rope and we've been here for almost over 20 years seeing her evolution as a human being. It's a special moment for all of us."

The 51-year-old singer continues to rock the crowds nightly, performing at the Valley View Casino Center in San Diego, CA. on Saturday night and the world-famous Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles on Sunday night.

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