Jenny Mollen Shows Off Her "Post Op Chic" Body Just Days After Giving Birth

American Pie star gives an intimate life at her home life after welcoming her second child

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Post op chic. #babybiggs

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Jenny Mollen is no stranger to getting candid when it comes to her personal life, and her latest selfie is certainly no exception. With the caption, "post op chic," the mother of two posted a snapshot of her body just days after giving birth while wearing mesh underwear, hospital bracelets and bandages.

Mollen and her husband Jason Biggs welcomed baby boy Lazlo to the world on Monday, October 2, expanding their entourage by one. Following the birth of Lazlo, the star took to Instagram to give followers a behind the scenes look at motherhood. 

Pregnant Jenny Mollen Shows Dramatic Before-and-After Baby Bump Photo

This look at her journey through motherhood is no surprise as Mollen and her husband Biggs are as honest as it gets when it comes to raising their kiddos. As with the arrival of their first son Sid, 3, the parents are handling the situation with humor and endearing honesty.

Mollen, who reportedly dealt with pre-natal depression in the weeks before giving birth, has been active on social media in creating awareness about the ups and downs that everyone experiences during pregnancy. "You'll be shocked how fast you can just wake up one day and be in the darkest place and think, "What's wrong with me? I'm a new mom. I should be so happy. Everybody else is telling me how lucky and happy and amazing things are," she said on her Instagram story. "Don't buy into that s***. If you feel bad, please get help."

Unsurprisingly, the star has received praise and many thank you's for sharing such an intimate photo. One follower commented, "Love love love that you show us the real you in your every day life. It's so rare and appreciated."

Congratulations to the happy parents!

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