Ryan Gosling struggled to stifle his laughter while hosting Saturday Night Live last week, but the actor and his Blade Runner 2049 co-star Harrison Ford didn't even try to keep it together during a recent interview with ITV's This Morning.

The interview got off to an awkward start when the interviewer, Alison Hammond, admitted that she had never seen the original Blade Runner, which Ford starred in back in 1982.

"I appreciate your candor," Gosling said after having a laugh.

Still, Hammond carried on.

"Bleak. Dystopian. An absolute nightmare to be honest with you—that's just my interviewing techniques. But let's talk about the movie, Blade Runner 2049

"Cheer up…. It's a lovely day in London. Let's keep it that way," Ford quipped as Gosling lost it behind him. "This is not the introduction we were promised. Bring me on with a little happier music."

As the interview continued to go off the rails, Gosling opened a small bottle of booze and started to pour some into his glass.

"Are you having a drink?" Hammond questioned.

"I feel like that's where this is headed," Gosling responded.

Trying to get the interview back on track, Hammond asked Ford how he responded when he was asked to be in the Blade Runner remake. 

"So what?" Ford said, leading Hammond to grab the bottle and pour herself a drink.

"Help yourselves. I noticed there's nothing left for me," Ford responded before going back to describing what it was like to be asked to do the film. "Then he said, ‘Would you be interested?' I said," 

"How much?" Hammond interrupted.

"Show me the money," Ford joked back. "No, I said show me the script. Anyway." He then proceeded to grab Gosling's glass and have a sip.

Given the joking nature of the interview, Hammond asked Gosling if he enjoyed his time on the set and even poked fun at his sweater.

"Did you get your knitting needles out because I know you like to relax," she said, gesturing towards his sweater.

"Oh it's going to be like that," Gosling interrupted.

"Yeah, this is what I did on set. I knitted this sweater," he continued to joke. "It's Blade Runner-inspired. I don't know what to say now. Is this an interview?"

Gosling proceeded to get out of his chair and stand by the cameramen.

Gosling and Ford also joked about how the Star Wars actor accidentally punched Gosling on set and whether he would ever be in a remake of one of Gosling's films, like LaLa Land

"He has the voice of an angel," Gosling said about Ford's singing abilities. "It's like an angel pouring honey in your ear." 

Watch the video to see the hilarious interview unfold. 

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