Steven Tyler Sets the Record Straight on Heart Attack Rumors After Tour Cancellation

Aerosmith singer says he did not have a heart attack or seizure

By Meg Swertlow Oct 03, 2017 9:48 PMTags

Steven Tyler may have been livin' on the edge for some of his life, but the Aerosmith singer wants fans to know he's doing a-okay despite rumors to the contrary.

A week ago, the band called off the four remaining dates of the South American leg of its AeroVederci tour due to Tyler's having "unexpected medical issues." Quickly rumors started swirling that the "Dream On" singer's "medical issues" were actually seizures or a heart attack.

But on Monday, the 69-year-old set the record straight when he released a statement on the band's official website, "I give you all an A+ for creative speculations but I certainly did not have a heart attack or a seizure (unless Joe Perry is takin' a rippin' lead)."

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Tyler continued, "Sorry to have cut the tour short but I had to have a procedure that only my doc in the States could perform. It breaks my heart to have left this tour early. The band has never played better. Just watch the 100,000 people at Rock in Rio."

Tyler concluded, "We've been to Tel Aviv…to Russia…to Rio…and all the in between…I guess it's true what they say, 'That life's a pisser when eu're a peein'.'"

Last week, the band announced that it was cancelling shows in Curitiba, Brazil, Santiago, Chile, Rosario, Argentina, and Monterrey, Mexico.

At the time, Tyler assured fans, "Please not to worry."

He went on, "I am not in a life threatening condition, but I need to deal with this right away, and get some rest and medical care immediately in order to sustain and maintain my future performances... I promise I'll be back." 

Now that we know it's not life threatening, we're holding you to that promise, Mr. Tyler, Rock and roll needs you!

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