Tom Petty

Gary Gershoff/Getty Images for Songwriters Hall Of Fame

The music community is rallying around Tom Petty after the rockstar experienced a horrible health scare. 

TMZ reports that the musician was rushed to the hospital Sunday evening after he was found unconscious, not breathing and in full cardiac arrest.

Paramedics rushed to his Malibu home and were able to get a pulse. He was ultimately rushed to the UCLA Santa Monica Hospital where he was reportedly put on life support.

Los Angeles County Fire confirms to E! News that a patient was transported to a local cardiac facility. It was verbalized that the patient was in cardiac arrest. "This is a place where we take patients who get pulses back. When we handed him over he was still unconscious but he did have pulses and we were assisting his breathing."

While officials couldn't confirm the identity of the individual to E! News, we have learned a 66-year-old man was taken from the address where Tom lives. 

Several singers including Sheryl Crow posted their support for the singer on Twitter. "@TomPetty... I love you so much," she wrote. "You are in my prayers." 

Martina McBride added, "No......not Tom Petty."

Just last week, Tom concluded his extensive recent tour at the Hollywood Bowl, which he began in April.

The tour was held to honor the 40th anniversary of the Heartbreakers' debut. But in December, Tom noted it would likely be "the last big one."

"We're all on the backside of our 60s," he explained to Rolling Stone. "I have a granddaughter now I'd like to see as much as I can. I don't want to spend my life on the road. This tour will take me away for four months. With a little kid, that's a lot of time."

However, despite knowing it would be his last big tour, he took it on with the same energy as always. 

In one of his last shows, he played the guitar, joked with the crowd and sang songs like "American Girl," "Free Falling" and more of his top hits.

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