Matt Bellassai Lives Out His Fantasy and Finally Meets Harry Styles

It seems as though the internet star's fantasy of meeting the former One Direction band member has become a reality

By Elyse Dupre Sep 29, 2017 6:51 PMTags

It happened. It finally happened. 

After years of internet flirting, Matt Bellassai got to meet the one and only Harry Styles at the former One Direction band member's concert in New York on Thursday.

Bellassai, who formerly worked for BuzzFeed and hosted the popular video series "Whine About It," posted a picture of the magical encounter on Instagram. 

"this is @harrystyles nestling himself into my ample breast like a gentle calf caressing its majestic mother cow. we are finally one," Bellassai wrote in the photo's caption.

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Even before the concert began, Bellassai seemed to be gearing up for the big show, offering to bring the "Sign of the Times" singer a lasagna and tweeting that he was going to wear his "sexiest lingerie."

He also seemed to enjoy Style's performance.

Bellassai's love for Styles runs deep. During his time at BuzzFeed, he wrote articles about the singer, including one called "31 Signs You Love Harry Styles More Than Anything On This Planet."  He also tweeted about his affection for the singer a number of times over the years.


The Everything Is Awful author also devoted a significant amount of time to getting Styles to follow him on Twitter, which finally happened in October 2014.

Ever since then, their relationship started to grow and Styles started replying to Bellassai's tweets in October and November of that year.

Then in May, Bellassai announced a campaign to get Styles on his podcast, which Styles responded to.

However, the two never met. Bellassai even started a #HarryMeetMatt campaign in 2014 when One Direction came to New York for Saturday Night Live.

But that all changed at Styles' recent concert.

The performance was part of Styles' tour: Harry Styles Live On Tour.

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