Danielle Lombard, The Bachelor


Sometimes the most shocking Bachelor drama appears off-screen.

In a Reddit AMA posted on Tuesday, Danielle Lombard, who competed for Nick Viall's heart on season 21 of The Bachelor and recently appeared on season four of Bachelor in Paradise, spilled some tea on the behind-the-scenes antics, namely those involving Rachel Lindsay, Vanessa GrimaldiDean Unglert and Kristina Schulman. They have not commented.

Rachel Lindsay vs. Vanessa Grimaldi: Back in February, Reality Steve reported that the two Bachlor season 21 contestants had a verbal confrontation that did not air on the show.

"Vanessa called Rachel something that was extremely derogatory," Lombard said in her Reddit AMA. "From what I heard it was bad. Vanessa had to be separated for the rest of the show."

Nick Viall, Vanessa Grimaldi

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On Her Own Feud With Vanessa Grimaldi: "Jeez. Where to start. Vanessa stabbed me in the back and tried to get everyone else in the house to hate me, while I was gone on my date and never talked to me about the things she didn't like even though we were supposedly friends," Lombard wrote. "Then she tried to do something similar to Rachel later on."

"The media reports things like that Nick broke up with you only because she disliked you so much. Any truth to that?" one Redditor asked Lombard, who replied, "Definitely played a factor. She's reached out to all my friends, but never apologized to me...I also feel like Nick deleted the photo of the two of us on Instagram because she has such a big issue with me."

On the Love Triangle Involving Dean Unglert and Kristina Schulman: "Did you know Kristina was still into Dean while in the pool? No judgement, her responses to you seemed as if they had taken a step back," a Redditor wrote.

"That was so crazy to watch back, because both Dean and I honestly had no idea that she was there," Lombard wrote. "It was one of those moments where you watch back and cringe. I would never do something like that intentionally and my whole experience in that love triangle was that Dean liked me more, but was too nice to be direct with Kristina in that he wanted to pursue a relationship with me. Then later I found out that after that night in the pool, Dean went to bed and Kristina came to his room crying and asked if she could sleep next to him."

On Briefly Getting Back Together With Dean Unglert: "He contacted me immediately after we left [Bachelor in Paradise] and had told me that he was 'encouraged' to say those things on camera," Lombard said. "We spent close to 5 hours on the phone before I came to a point where I believed him. I honestly think I'm too forgiving and wanted to trust him. But his words and actions continued to contradict each other afterwards and we ended our relationship before the reunion show."

The Relationship That Never Aired: "I wish they would have aired my relationship with Ben [Zorn] because I think it shows I wasn't pursuing Dean," Lombard said. "I also wish they showed more of my in depth conversations with Dean. The things he said to me, versus what he said in his ITM's were completely different."

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