Corinne Olympios Shuts Down DeMario Jackson Dating Reports: "We're Friends, So Get Over It"

See what the reality star just said on social media!

By Jess Cohen Sep 26, 2017 8:13 PMTags

Corinne Olympios is letting everyone know she and DeMario Jackson are just "friends."

The Bachelor in Paradise star took to social media Tuesday to vent about a story that was published about her trip to Disneyland with Jackson and friends. "I have something to say about this TMZ story," Olympios said on Instagram live Tuesday. "To those photographers following me around Disney yesterday. You can go f--k yourselves, because I was just at Disneyland trying to enjoy myself with my friends. I am just not in the mood today and my manager is yelling at me. But DeMario and I had a tough summer so leave us the f--k alone. You guys are f--king assholes. We're friends, so get over it."

Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson Publicly Reunite: "We Never Had Bad Blood"
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The reality star then took to Snapchat to share more of her thoughts on the romance rumors.

"Hi guys so I'm just like no," Olympios began. "TMZ needs to stop, me and DeMario are friends, someone literally followed...followed me around Disneyland yesterday. I think that is so rude and so disrespectful. I was literally just trying to have a fun day with my friends, there were a bunch of us there. I'm really not sure why everyone just wants to start drama. Me and DeMario are friends and we'll always be friends."

Olympios and Jackson, who were both at the center of Bachelor in Paradise's alleged misconduct scandal which temporarily halted production of the reality show over the summer, first reunited back in August in West Hollywood.

During their reunion, Olympios said that she and Jackson are "friends" adding they "never had bad blood."

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