Here's Where Things Stand With Tony Raines and His Girlfriend After The Challenge's Cheating Scandal

MTV reality star found himself in hot war after making out with fellow contestant Camila Nakagawa

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Reality TV plus romantic relationships equals one complicated situation.

As fans of The Challenge: XXX witnessed earlier this season, Tony Raines made out with fellow contestant Camila Nakagawa on the back of a cast bus during a wild night out.

While hookups are more than common in the MTV reality series franchise, Tony had one big problem: The father of two had girlfriend Alyssa Giacone back home.

Viewers were thrown another curve ball when Tony called Alyssa over the phone and denied anything had happened.

So what's going on with these two now that the episodes have aired? It's a work in progress.

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"If they had to put a title on the status of their relationship right now it'd be 'it's complicated,'" a source close to Tony shared with E! News exclusively. "Her and Tony talked about it long distance but Tony didn't want to deal with it until he got home so he initially denied it over the phone. Once he came back, he admitted it and it's caused a lot of tension ever since."

Our source added, "He realizes that may have not been the best way to handle it at the time, and now that the episodes are airing they both have to relive it so things are pretty complicated."

While Alyssa has since deleted her Instagram account, Tony recently used the social media platform to share a throwback photo with his leading lady.

"Young Love," the Real World: Skeletons alum captioned the PDA pic with the broken heart emoji. "08. 09. 2009 #TBT." Their last fresh post together was all the way back in April.

"Tony really just wants to get back to a good place with Alyssa and is broken hearted about the mistake he made, which is one of the reasons why he posted that throw back photo," our source shared. "He misses when things were that good between them. Tony is surprised she's still even in communication with him but they're talking and have a lot to work out. He loves her and wants to do anything he can to make it right."

"There are just a lot of trust issues they have to work through right now," our source added.

The Challenge: XXX airs Tuesday nights at 10 p.m. only on MTV.

—Reporting by Alli Rosenbloom

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