Meghan Markle Finally Joins Prince Harry and More Highlights From the 2017 Invictus Games

Toronto-based event honors the royal's Invictus Foundation, which supports wounded and injured veterans

By Madagan Riley Sep 25, 2017 8:51 PMTags

Prince Harry is having one eventful week!

Our favorite royal heartthrob just debuted his relationship with girlfriend Meghan Markle at the 2017 Invictus Games in Toronto, Canada, days after the Suits star was photographed cheering him on during the opening ceremony. Prince Harry was first romantically linked to the American actress more than a year ago, but this marks their first official appearance as a couple. 

Before engaging in some sweet-mannered affection with his new leading lady, Prince Harry dedicated his time to speaking with veterans competing in the games. Harry launched the Paralympic-style multi-sports event in 2014, which supports the rehabilitation of veterans and raises awareness for the military armed forces.

Prince Harry & Meghan Markle: Romance Rewind

He opened the third annual games detailing his belief in the power of teamwork and discipline, earnestly stating, "I bet the values by which service families live their lives and the example they set for others through these Games, is having a profound effect on their communities and far beyond." The Prince was heartfelt as he urged everyone to revel in how life changing the games are and will hopefully continue to be.

On Saturday, the royal also met with First Lady Melania Trump

Check out Prince Harry's highlights during the games thus far:

Prince Harry Takes the Stage

The royal kicks off the 2017 Invictus Games with a warm welcome and an impassioned speech about the life-changing event.

The Winner's Circle

Prince Harry gives French and U.S. winners a big congratulatory hug before posing for a few photos.

Coming Together

Prince Harry and Melania Trump meet briefly to discuss their resilient countries.

Amusing Opening

Harry is all smiles during the opening ceremony of the 2017 Invictus Games with other delegates.

Oh, Canada

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Harry join hands in friendship before the games got started. Hard to say who's the lucky one.

Prince of Romania?

Prince Harry playfully puts a Romanian scarf on a fellow viewer.

Newest Employee

The driving age was waved in Canada for Prince Harry's newest 5-year-old driver. The two took a speedy and adorable lap around the games in a miniature Land Rover.

Prince Harry's Date

Meghan Markle and her Prince were beaming as they closed the seating gap for the first time during the Invictus Games weekend. First official outing in the books!

Secret Couple No More

While Prince Harry may still be whispering secrets to the Suits star, their year-long romance is anything but secret now.

A Perfect Fit

The young couple looked perfectly content debuting their relationship with a sweet hand hold.

We're looking forward to many more couple outings with Prince Harry and Meghan in the future.

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