Where Does Teen Wolf Rank Among TV's Best and Worst Series Finales?

We asked, you voted—find out where the MTV series starring Tyler Posey ranks among big finales

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Teen Wolf howled at the MTV moon for a final time (at least for now), a series finale packed with returning faces, resolution and a hint at what may come.

The hour, which was written by creator Jeff Davis, featured returning faces such as Dylan O'Brien, Tyler Hoechlin, Colton Haynes, Charlie Carver, and the defeat of the inugitae. While all that happened Tyler Posey's Scott McCall was put through the wringer—and then some.

"You gotta make it an epic fight," Davis told E! News about Scott's harrowing ordeal that included clawing his own eyes out. "You gotta make your main character bleed before he can win, so you have to have a moment of all hope is lost. It's all in the storytelling."

Teen Wolf Then and Now

At the end of the day, Davis, who said there are only discussions about a Teen Wolf revival or reboot at MTV, said he was proud of the show.

"I'm most proud of the fact that the show has meant so much to so many people, not just the fans, but the people who have worked on it," he said. "I've helped people become directors, I've helped them become writers, that's a great responsibility to be given. To be able to help other people get where they want to go in their careers, that's a really nice gift. And the fact that it's meant so much to both crew, cast, and fans, that makes me proud. And the fact that people loved working on it. They loved coming back every day."

Where does the Teen Wolf series finale rank among recent TV send-offs? You may be surprised. See below for the ranking of TV series finales based on reader votes.


Loved It: 30.9 percent
Loathed It: 69.1 percent

No. 46 (SECOND WORST OF ALL TIME): The Good Wife

Loved It: 31.3 percent
Loathed It: 68.7 percent


Loved It: 33.42 percent
Loathed It: 66.88 percent

No. 44: Big Love

Loved It: 34.01 percent
Loathed It: 65.99 percent

No. 43: How I Met Your Mother

Loved It: 36.87 percent
Loathed It: 63.13 percent

No. 42: Seinfeld

Loved It: 42.63 percent
Loathed It: 57.37 percent

No. 41: Weeds

Loved It: 43.49 percent
Loathed It: 56.61 percent

No. 40: Lost

Loved It: 46.13%
Loathed It: 53.87%

No. 39: The Shield

Loved It: 46.49 percent
Loathed It: 53.51 percent

No. 38: 24

Loved It: 51.02 percent
Loathed It: 48.98 percent

No. 37: Angel

Loved It: 51.09 percent
Loathed It: 48.91 percent

No. 36: The Sopranos

Loved It: 51.27 percent
Loathed It: 48.73 percent

No. 35: Private Practice

Loved It: 51.80 percent
Loathed It: 48.20 percent

No. 34: True Blood

Loved It: 23.8 percent
Loathed It: 24.5 percent
Thought it was just OK: 51.8 percent

No. 33: The O.C.

Loved It: 52.08 percent
Loathed It: 47.92 percent

No. 32: Desperate Housewives

Loved It: 53.11 percent
Loathed It: 46.89 percent

No. 31: The Wire

Loved It: 53.60 percent
Loathed It: 46.40 percent

No. 30: Scandal

Loved It: 54.1 percent
Loathed It: 45.9 percent

No. 29: Gossip Girl

Loved It: 54.16 percent
Loathed It: 45.84 percent

No. 28: Two and a Half Men

Loved It: 55 percent
Loathed It: 45 percent

No. 27: Pretty Little Liars

Loved It: 55.3 percent

Loathed It: 44.7 percent

No. 26: One Tree Hill

Loved It: 59.62 percent
Loathed It: 40.38 percent

No. 25: House

Loved It: 60.41 percent
Loathed It: 39.59 percent

24: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Loved It: 63.14 percent
Hated It: 36.86 percent

No. 23: Mad Men

Loved It: 63.6 percent
Loathed It: 36.4 percent

No. 22: Alias

Loved It: 63.82 percent
Loathed It: 36.18 percent

No. 21: Six Feet Under

Loved It: 64.28 percent
Loathed It: 35.72 percent

No. 20: 30 Rock

Loved It: 64.59 percent
Loathed It: 35.41 percent

No. 19: Fringe

Loved It: 65.38 percent
Loathed It: 34.62 percent

18. Shadowhunters

Loved It: 66.06%

Loathed It: 33.94%

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