Corey Bohan Responds to Audrina Patridge's Restraining Order Filing

See what the reality star's ex is saying in documents

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Corey Bohan is responding to Audrina Patridge's domestic violence restraining order.

On Monday, Patridge obtained a temporary restraining order against Bohan and two days later filed for a divorce. Court documents show that Patridge sought protection for both her and the couple's daughter Kirra. Patridge states in the documents that Bohan "has become increasingly possessive, angry, agitated and jealous" of her work and travel schedule. 

Now E! News has confirmed that a request for modification was filed by Partridge and a response by Bohan were filed in the consolidated domestic violence case.

Audrina Patridge Files for Divorce From Corey Bohan and Obtains Domestic Violence Restraining Order
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In Patridge's new filing she states, "On September 18, 2017 this court granted me a temporary restraining order, including orders that Respondent stay at least 100 yards away from my home, work, vehicle, etc."

She continues, "However the court did not grant an order Respondent move out of my real property."

Patridge says she has "owned this property" since prior to their marriage and that she Bohan have a prenup which states that the house "is my separate property" and that Bohan "shall not acquire any interest in my real or personal property."

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Patridge goes on to say that she fled her house with their daughter on Sept. 6 and she's been staying with her parents. She then states that Bohan is holding her personal possessions and her home "hostage." She then details that she and her father and her brother went to try to gain access to her house on Sept. 19. Patridge says her dad sent a text to Bohan asking him to leave while Patridge gathers her and Kirra's personal belongings, but he didn't leave.

She then states that when her and her father arrived at the house, she saw that Bohan had "installed cameras throughout the house," which is prohibited in restraining orders. She then called the police, but Bohan was not arrested for violating the restraining order.

In response to Patridge's restraining order filing, he says that says Audrina's dad and brother and her showed up at the house to gather her belongings. Court documents show a photo of Bohan and Patridge's dad at the house, which Bohan claims was instigating a fight.

A court hearing has been scheduled for October and Bohan states that he thinks they're trying to "hijack" his visitation with Kirra since they scheduled the hearing on the exact date and time of his next visit with her after not seeing her for two weeks.

Bohan also says he is trying to retain an attorney but he can't afford it so wants Patridge to pay him support and also states that he feels like they're trying to set him up to help their case with child services.


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He also says there are only two camera's in the home, not five, the two Patridge fully knew about (a nanny cam and a camera in front of house). He states that Patridge has not lived in their family residence for three weeks.

Bohan also says the stay away order applies only to Patridge's parents home, not the family home so he's refusing to leave even though Patridge's name is on the title.

He also claims he pays for maintenance and utilities and says Patridge's attorney is denying him an alternative time to visit with Kirra since they scheduled court on the same day and time of his scheduled visit.

On Thursday, Patridge's attorney Elizabeth Nigro told E! News, "To be clear [the domestic violence restraining order] is not a strategic filing, it's very difficult for people to go public with these issues. It wasn't done to hurt Corey or to gain an advantage, it was done to protect their child and to protect Ms. Patridge and that's it." 

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