Yes, There's a Sexy Halloween Costume for That

From sexy Pennywise to sexy Bob Ross, you'll be able to be your favorite character--just with less clothes!

By Jake Thompson Sep 19, 2019 4:30 PMTags
E-Comm: Sexy Halloween Costumes

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If you're like us, as soon as Labor Day is over, Halloween is on our minds. Specifically: Where are the cool parties and what are we gonna BE for said parties?

Whether you've been planning for months, or you're down to the wire, landing on a crowd-pleasing Halloween costume that makes you feel great is tricky, but doable.

There are loads of factors to put into play: like, for instance, what kind of event are you attending? Maybe you've been crushing it extra hard at the gym and you want to showcase the new you. Whatever the affair is, there's one underlying factor that will never lead you in the wrong direction: the "sexy" costume. 

You know the kind: a wholesome idea in theory (a unicorn or Minnie Mouse, perhaps) or a nerdy homage (Harry Potter, maybe) put through the Halloween costume gods blender in reworked into a sexy showcase (i.e. form fitting and skin-baring).

To quote Mean Girls alum Cady Heron, "Halloween is the one time of year a girl can dress like a total slut and no other girl can say anything about it."

That being said, we've pulled a cornucopia of sexy costumes—from Pennywise to Bob Ross—to help get you in the spirit of the season. 

Be Euphoria Makeup Ready Just in Time for Halloween

Sexy Pennywise Costume

Be the ultimate It girl in this not-so-scary Pennywise-inspired costume.

Sexy Top Gun Costume

Soar to new heights in this sexy Top Gun reimagining.

Sexy Evil Mastermind Costume

Riddle me this: Why be Batman when you can be a sexy villain in this cute romper with top hat?

Sexy Harry Potter Costume

Score major Gryffindor points in this sexy Hogwarts student getup. 

Sexy Astronaut Costume

Land on the moon in this sexy space babe look.

Sexy Stranger Things Costume

All we have to say is: Scoops Ahoy, matey!

Sexy Wolverine Costume

Be unbreakable in this sexy mutant leotard!

Sexy Edward Scissorhands Costume

Partygoers will surely want to take pictures with you in this sexy Tim Burton-inspired costume.

Sexy Minnie Mouse Costume

We already have your Instagram caption for the night: "I'm a mouse, DUH!"

Sexy Bob's Burgers Costume

Punk meets playful in this sexy Tina-esque costume.

Sexy Bambi Costume

Wild out in this sweet deer onesie with leg warmers.

Sexy Rugrats Costume

Be the boss of the playground in this Angelica-inspired number.

Sexy Raccoon Costume

Nightlife has a new queen! Be a nocturnal hottie in this sexy raccoon jumper with detachable fur hoodie.

Sexy Ladybug Costume

Who knew a ladybug could be sexy? This polka dot two piece with suspenders says so!

Sexy Dumbo Costume

Yes, you read that correctly: Sexy. Dumbo. Costume.

Sexy Cowardly Lion Costume

Unleash your wild side in this sexy Cowardly Lioness costume.

Sexy Westworld Costume

Show them how the West was fun in this hot girl summer set. Yeehaw!

Sexy Unicorn Costume

Add some Euphoria-inspired make-up and you've got yourself a dreamy design.

Sexy Venom Costume

Take a walk on the dark side with this sexy Venom-inspired romper.

Sexy Bob Ross Costume

Ditch the painting canvas and be walking art in this sexy Bob Ross costume.

Sexy Mr. Rogers Costume

Won't you be our neighbor in this next door neighbor realness?!

Sexy Tinkerbell Costume

Brighten up the party in this sexy Tinkerbell-inspired moment.

Sexy Spider-Man Costume

Spin webs on the dance floor in this sexy one piece.

Sexy Toy Story Costume

The galaxy will thank you for rocking this intergalactic look!

Sexy Pokémon Trainer Costume

You'll catch 'em all in this Pokémon-inspired ensemble.

Sexy Stormtrooper Costume

The force will be with you in this Stormtrooper-inspired look.

Sexy Deadpool Costume

Switch up gender norms in this sexy Deadpool-inspired jumpsuit.

Check out these last-minute costumes and find out the best places to buy Halloween candy in bulk on Today.

—Originally published Wed, Sep 18, 2019 at 4 a.m. PT

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