It's almost time to leave Beacon Hills. 

MTV's Teen Wolf is saying goodbye this Sunday night with its 100th episode and series finale, which finds Scott (Tyler Posey) and his friends in the middle of a fight with both a supernatural fear-mongering creature who can turn you to stone with one look, and a fear-led army of humans who are done having their lives interrupted by supernatural creatures and are ready to take out the werewolves, werecoyotes, banshees, kanimas, etc etc by any means necessary. 

Last week's episode ended with a literal bang as Deucalion (Gideon Emery) was shot down by Monroe (Sibongile Mlambo) and her hunters, right after Lydia (Holland Roden) arrived to warn Scott and Malia (Shelley Hennig) that exactly that scenario was about to go down.

Teen Wolf Finale


While previews have already teased that Stiles (Dylan O'Brien) and Derek (Tyler Hoechlin) make their triumphant returns to help out, that's just a sliver of what's going down on Sunday night as the series says goodbye, including a bit of a look into the future.

"There's a fun little flashforward that begins it and ends it," creator Jeff Davis tells us, which he says has been the plan for a long time. 

"This bookend idea, the last scene, I've sort of had in mind for quite a while," he says. "I pitched it to the writing staff a long time ago actually. It's sort of changed over the months and years, but it's the same essence and it carries forward the message of the show, which is that if you're an outsider, you can be one of us." 

Teen Wolf Finale


Posey says he found out that the show was ending just after the end of season five, which ended in March of last year. The official announcement was made in July at Comic-Con.

He pitched an idea to Davis about how the show should end "a few years ago." 

"He used a little bit of my idea, which I thought was really, really cool. So the whole beginning of the last episode, it was my idea," Posey tells us, and Davis confirmed it. "So I guess I kind of knew how it was going to end, but Jeff kept it a secret for a long time. And I'm really happy about it. I'm really happy with the ending." 

Teen Wolf Finale


"I think it does a really good job at wrapping everything up, while also leaving some things open so we can come back down the line at one point maybe," he continued. "I mean, we could have ended the show thousands of different ways. It's just impossible to pick the best choice for the ending, so I'm sure people won't be happy with it, because it's so hard to please everybody with a season finale or series finale, but I'm happy with it." 

Davis says he's also really happy with the finale, despite the challenges it presented. Getting Hoechlin and O'Brien back for the final episode was a must, but working around the schedules of all the actors both regular and returning meant that the shooting schedule got a little...wonky.

Teen Wolf Finale


"We were shooting [the finale] before the scripts for 18 and 19 were done, it was so hard to schedule," Davis says. "I think my hair was turning grey during it. There were points where I was like, how am I supposed to do this? 

"So what people don't know is that a lot of issues...are partially because of scheduling actors, so you work with what you've got," he explains. 

The final shot that was filmed actually aired in last week's penultimate episode, and former actors and writers all showed up to say goodbye to the show. 

Teen Wolf finale gif


"We were shooting bits and pieces of 18, 19, and 20 all together in the last few weeks, but the very last shot we filmed was from 19, the shot of Scott in his frozen statue form where Lydia finds him. That was the last shot," Davis says. "And it was kind of amazing because the entire crew stayed until the last shot, and people who had been on the show who hadn't been on the show for a while arrived to see the last shot and be there." 

Davis says the fact that that particular shot was the last one was "perfect" because of who was in it.

"It was Holland and Tyler, and those two were the two who had been there from the very first episode," he says. "Tyler had been in every single episode, and Holland, she'd been there as a series regular from the first. So I thought it was sort of perfect that they were the last two."

Stay tuned for more from Posey and Davis before the finale airs! 

Teen Wolf's series finale airs Sunday at 8 p.m. on MTV. 

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