Luke Skywalker Trains Rey in New Star Wars: The Last Jedi Photos

New stills feature Finn, Poe Dameron, Captain Phasma, Rose, General Hux and more characters

By Madagan Riley Sep 21, 2017 9:42 PMTags
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Who's ready for more Star Wars?! 

Lucasfilm has unveiled a fresh new group of photos from the upcoming movie that gives fans just a taste of what they can expect in the next installment. 

When we last left off with the gang, Rey left Poe and a greatly injured Finn behind, flying the Millennial Falcon to a far away planet in hopes of finding the Resistance's last chance for defeated Snoke and Kylo Ren.

What she actually found there was a cloaked and moody Luke Skywalker. Fans have been desperate to get any trace of what Star Wars: The Last Jedi will entail with the reveal of Luke teasing us all at the end of the last movie. Perhaps the new pictures will inspire some new theories and explanations.

Check out what your favorite characters are going to be up to in the newest Star Wars installment by visiting our gallery below.

The Dark Side in Full Force

Captain Phasma and her Stormtroopers are braced for battle. (Wouldn't want to be on the other side of those blasters.)

General Hux in Bad Guy Black

If looks could kill...Domhnall Gleeson doesn't seem to be messing around as the First Order leader.

Luke Skywalker

Luke doesn't exactly appear ready to join the fight. (Or it's just a really bad mid-life crisis.)

Rey on a Mission

Rey may have found Luke, but will she be able to get him to join the Resistance?

Poe Races Back to Us

This heartthrob seems to be doing a lot of action scenes this movie. Lets hope that's a Resistance ship and not one of Snoke's.

Finn's Alive

Finn isn't passed out on a table anymore! Hopefully that means he's back in the fight. And with Rey gone, it looks like he found a new partner in Rose, a Resistance maintenance worker.

Rey and Luke Reunite

Meeting your hero face to face is never what it seems. Anyone else see a family resemblance?

Finn and Rose in a Stand-off

Things aren't coming up roses for Finn. His newfound friend doesn't seem to be happy with his contributions to the Resistance.  

Poe in the Sky

Poe suits up as the Resistance's hottest pilot. Hopefully he'll be leading more air strikes on Snoke and company.

Rey Gets to Training

Rey appears to be learning to use the force on the same island we last saw her discover Luke on. But as she gets more powerful, will she be light side or dark side?

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is in theaters nationwide Dec. 15.

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