Miley Cyrus Sings About Her Relationship Troubles in "Week Without You"

Listen to the song the 24-year-old just released!

By Jess Cohen Sep 21, 2017 8:57 PMTags

Miley Cyrus is wondering what she'd do without a certain someone.

The 24-year-old singer released a new song off of her upcoming Younger Now album on Thursday called "Week Without You." In the song, which has a country vibe, Cyrus talks about relationship struggles and having her heart "stomped" on.

"If I spent a week without you, bet you'd wonder what I'd do," Cyrus sings in the opening lines of the song. "I think that I'd start going out, get caught kissing other dudes. And it seems you just wanna bring me down, down, with your bad attitude."

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Cyrus' lyrics continue, "When you know I'm not one to keep dealing with the s--t, that you put me through."

In the chorus of the song Cyrus sings, "I know that I gave you my heart, but you stomped it to the ground. And that's what's got me wondering what it's like to not have you around."

Cyrus then sings about the "fun" she'd have if she spent a week without this person, hanging with her girls and sitting in the sun.

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Towards the end of the track, Cyrus sings, "You know I'd miss you baby, feels like I've known you since I was just seven years old. You used to make me smile, but now you don't do that anymore. It feels like I'm always just crying and sleeping alone."

Listen to the entire song in the video above!

Cyrus' new album, Younger Now, will be released on Sept. 29!

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